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Rivet Nut USA (a division of Cardinal Components, Inc.) is a Preferred Authorized Bollhoff Distributor of the Bollhoff RIVNUT®. Bollhoff RIVNUT® fasteners are the original trademarked version of rivet nuts. To provide our customers the best availability and variety, we also offer non-Bollhoff rivet nuts & fasteners.

Rivet nuts are the perfect replacement to weld nuts. Weld nuts are environmentally unfriendly, expensive and difficult to use. Weld nuts require expensive equipment and labor costs, while rivet nuts use low cost equipment and low labor costs.

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Rivet nuts require no finishing work and solve even the most challenging fastening problems. Rivet nuts are typically available in aluminum, steel and stainless steel (sometimes, brass). Manufacturers in all industries, including automotive, appliance, food equipment, aerospace, rely on rivet nuts to enhance manufacturing capability and strip out production costs.

Rivet Nut USA stocks a selection of installation tools for easy-to-use and reliable rivet nut installation such as our pneumatic nut insert tools (4090, B4090 & 6703) and manual hand tools (C845, C722, C6000 & 140-2000).

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